Supercomputing at reach

While supercomputing was very expensive enterprise project dedicated only for government and global corporations in past years now it's available also for non-profit organizations and small/mid-range companies. The term supercomputing stands for computing power, typically measured in FLOPS, which is able to calculate very complicated operations in very short time.

Our project called with code name CNTI15 started at 2015 when we were quoted for building a small supercomputer for our customer. It was 2 years in active service, was upgraded several times, then split into few smaller parts as the needs started to be more specific and later on it became not sufficient at all.

Idea of small supercomputer persisted and today we run 860 TFLOPS 2x 430 TFLOPS configuration with codename NSS2. The computing power is rent to several customers at once with private waiting list to achieve best optimized usage and avoid wasting of resources. While there is no usage for computational science and weather forecast because of low power compared to really big supercomputers there is commercial usage as graphics, modeling, CGI rendering, technology development and experimental usage.

The NSS2 services

  • Run as Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Billed for prepaid hours
  • Access to baremetal Linux with generic kernel only
  • Hardware accelerated OpenCL

Rent a Superpower

"When unique work requires extraoridanry power"

Supercomputing Pricing

Power Price per hour Sustained Usage Discount Discount / Total Price
up to 50 TFLOPS $69.00 10 hours %20 / $552.00
up to 150 TFLOPS $99.00 24 hours %30 / $1,663.20
up to 400 TFLOPS $149.00 36 hours %40 / $3,218.40
up to 800 TFLOPS $259.00 168 hours %50 / $21,756.00

* Prices are informative and subject to change. There can be an custom priced usage. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotation.