Legal Service Agreement

The service is aimed for customers who needs virtual or physical server to use it and don't want to handle all the problems tied with it. It allows you to focus on deploying and running applications or any kind of software.

We always try to make agreement which covers as much as possible of the following
  • Creation of infrastructure report with schematics
  • Architecture designing and optimizing for best run
  • Hardcoding and scripting in process automatization
  • Keeping infrastructure components up to date
  • Regular security audit including penetration tests and bruteforce resistance
  • Proactive system work to avoid disaster scenarios
  • Disaster recovery implementation by creating its design and live testing
  • Handling personal data according to EU laws and GDPR & multiple level of sensitive data isolation and security hardening
  • Custom SLA with defined responsiveness, reporting & service obligations

Why infrastructure management by us


The agreement can have very short 1-month commitment to test our services. If not satisfied we will fully refund.

Highly-Skilled Team

Thanks to years of running several big projects and thousands of websites we have built really skilled team of people who know what they do.

Advanced Security

Our internal directive determines specific rights and roles to team members, allowing for specific operations only, so noone with inadequate privileges can read or manipulate your data.

Technical Radius

Supported systems and other infrastructure
  • Physical devices like servers, routers, storage, IoT
  • Virtualization Hypervisors: VMware, XEN, KVM, OpenVZ, LXC, LXD
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD
  • Networking: Cisco IOS, RouterOS, airOSĀ®
  • Orchestrators: Amazon ECS, ACS, CoreOS Fleet, Kubernetes

Custom monitoring system with accurate and huge amount of data
  • Health status of physical infrastructure
  • Platform & service status
  • Website monitoring
  • Graphs & report tools
  • Network status and potential threats

Security first!
  • Storage encryption: using only open-source software encryption
  • Traffic encryption: OpenVPN, CISCO IPSEC, StrongSWAN
  • Web services: Let's Encrypt, implementation for low-level devices also
  • Communication with Us: by PGP encrypted emails