Avaialable Types

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Open-Source relational database management system by Oracle.

Supported versions: 5.5 to 8.0

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Open-Source GNU GPL community developed fork of MySQL.

Versions: 5.0, 10.0 up to 10.3.

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The most advanced Open-Source object-relational database.

Supported versions from 9.3 to 11.

Database Engine Pricing

Size Size fee per month Queries Query fee per month
up to 50 GigaBytes $6 1 Milion $4
up to 100 GigaBytes $9 10 Milions $19
up to 0.5 TeraBytes $45 100 Milions $99
up to 1 TeraByte $99 1 Billion $99

About Database Engine

With our cloud Database Engine Service you can easily create and manage databases for your project. Database Engine works simply by creating an isolating space for OS where the corresponding server packages are installed and run in virtual enviroment. Thanks to isolation you get dedicated database server isolated from other customers on OS level.

There are no packages for databases. The price is calculated per number of queries plus size of your database per month. Simple example: 30GB database for $6 + less than milion queries in a month for $4. You will pay $10 in total per month.

You can configure remote user connections remotely via Control Panel to access it from specific IP addresses or CIDR. Alternatively you can create multiple users to access single database with different permissions and passwords.

You can use your own database management tool remotely or via our web service tools like phpMyAdmin an phpPgAdmin.

There is fair usage policy 10TB in data transfered via MySQL server per 24hour. Then the connections will be closed automatically for security reasons. The limit is extremly big even for large projects. If you wish to exceed this limit please do not hesitate to contact us first. At last there is only server SQL servers, e.g. MySQL has only 250 connections in parallel by default but you can change this in contorl panel.

Backups are handled automatically and you can schedule it for specific time, date and interval. By default it's every day ot 3:00AM and a backup is held for a week so you have 7 different backups every each day in past week.