Compute Engine Pricing



per month

  • 1CPU
  • 1 GBRAM
  • 20 GBHDD Storage
  • 300 GigBandwidth
  • 1Backup per Month
  • Control panel Included
  • DDoS protection



per month

  • 2CPU
  • 4 GBRAM
  • 50 GBSSD Storage
  • 1 TibBandwidth
  • 3Backups per Week
  • Control panel Included
  • DDoS protection



per month

  • 4CPU
  • 8 GBRAM
  • 150 GBSSD Storage
  • 5 TibBandwidth
  • 7Backups per Week
  • Control panel Included
  • DDoS protection


per month

  • $4per CPU
  • $2per Gigabyte of RAM
  • $2per Gigabyte of SSD Storage
  • $0.5per Gigabyte of Bandwidth

All Plans Includes

High Quality Hardware

We use only the latest enterprise hardware solutions that are updated and maintained regularly.

Support via Phone 24/7

In case of emergency do not hesitate to call to our 24/7 support.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our services, we will return you all your money during first 30 days.

Support via Email

We provide email support with very quick response.

Server Level Protection

NTE Cloud infrastracture includes DDoS security to protect your virtual server from attacks and other threats.

CloudFlare Integration

We recommend to set up CloudFlare integration to provide even more for running websites.

About Compute Engine

Compute Engine (Virtual Private Server) is a kind of server with computing resources dedicated to instance shared with others on physical hardware.

Paravirtualized VPSes are very closed to computing power of physical server because not truly virtualize a hardware but isolating an container on host OS. KVM has the virtual hardware where you can run almost any kind of operating system.

We support almost any derivate of Debian systems like Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Lubuntu/Mint, Arch, RedHat, Suse, Microsoft Windows, BSDs.

We run multiple type of hypervisors for different type of virtual servers. There is KVM virtualization hypervisor running for fully virtualized servers while for paravirtualized container-style virtualization we do run LXC/LXD servers. For specific users we can also provide an XEN hypervisor.

If the physical hypervisor goes down for whatever reason the highly available virtual private server is automatically started on different physical hypervisor so there is minimum downtime to your server. In case of planned maintenance your server is moved to different physical hypervisor "Live" so you will notice no downtime at all.

We do support a DNS PTR records. You can email us anytime your request about changing DNS PTR record.