App Engine Pricing



per month

  • 1Static HTML Application
  • 1Virtual Host for Domain Name
  • 5 EmailAccounts
  • 20 GBStorage
  • 100 GigBandwidth
  • 1Backup per Week



per month

  • 2PHP Applications
  • 1Virtual Host for Domain Name
  • 25 EmailAccounts
  • 100 GBStorage
  • 500 GigBandwidth
  • 1MySQL Database
  • 3Backups per Week



per month

  • 5PHP Applications
  • 50 EmailAccounts
  • 500 GBStorage
  • UnlimitedBandwidth
  • 5MySQL Databases
  • 7Backups per Week

All Plans Includes

Control panel

You can set up your Application via web control panel, create new mailboxes, manage databases and much more.

Support via Phone 24/7

In case of emergency do not hesitate to call to our 24/7 support.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our services, we will return you all your money during first 30 days.

Support via Email

We provide email support with very quick response.

Server Level Protection

NTE Cloud infrastracture includes DDoS security to protect your virtual server from attacks and other threats.

CloudFlare Integration

We recommend to set up CloudFlare integration to provide even more for running websites.

About App Engine

The App Engine is new form of service, known before as webhosting, but with completly new design of work. In past the websites was placed on server with multiple others websites sharing the same server while running on one shared Operating System. Now thanks to virtualization technology new concept was discovered. Every each Application or website is virtualized into it's own container with its own Operating System thus providing more scalable and secure service.

At the moment we do support PHP language for your applications and of course static HTML languages, javascript and serving all other static files for your project. We are working hard to support other languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, Java and so on.

We use only the latest enterprise hardware solutions that are updated and maintained regularly. Your instance will run on SSD drives and computing resources like CPU and memory will dynamically scale.

You can configure Virtual Host to listen on multiple domain names, same applies for Mail Domain and Mail Account Aliases.

You can upload your own certificate for every website you will have. By default domain name will have automatically assigned an SSL certificate signed by Let's Encrypt

While creating your project in our control panel you can choose what Web Server you would like to use to host your project. There is an Apache and Nginx server to choose. Therefore different language style and coding syntax for rewriting URLs is used. While the apache is commonly most used webserver we do recommend Nginx for it's scalability, performance and security.

There are multiple PHP versions supported at the moment. The most recommended version to use is 7.2. But if your application has specific requirements you can choose 7.1, 7.0 and 5.6.

The PHP-FPM gateway is used by default because of its high-level security, flexibility and performance gains amongst all other ways. Alternatively there is Fast-CGI configuration, not recommended.