Our company was founded at year 2009. Since then we are providing the IT services to local customers but the most of our customers are global companies. We are based in Slovakia, Europe therefore we meet an European law ciretrias and data protection requirements. All of our products are covered by 30-day warranty and full money refund.

We are always trying the best option for working effectively. While we are not as big as big corporations we have multiple small teams working separately wihle cooperating each other and not exceeding 5 people per team. If you want to join us do not hesitate to contact us.

We don't do all the IT stuff like other companies. We do not do SEO, graphic design, web design and so much other things simply because we believe the best way for us is to focus on few products and do it properly rather than doing everything poorly.

While providing 30-days warranty and full money refund sometimes it is not enough for customer to trust the seller. You know the process. Many companies has no automated system for refunding your money and even those who have it can take several days to get your money back. That way it is absolutely pointless to do all the billing stuff, payments, refunding payments, accounting and so on if one wants just to try the service. Therefore we provide a testing period for a week absolutely for free, while not charging you a penny and not doing any paperwork except for registration.

All your data are stored in EU, in encrypted enviroment with encrypted connection to it. You have right to ask as for completly deleting all your data and be forgotten.

The service is available on internet network. While the services are worldwide avaiable behavior of any service can be specific to country or region. By ordering you make an following agreement. The customer is responsible for making payment for ordered service in due date provided on proforma invoice or regular invoice or alternatively set up an billing agreement via payment gateways such PayPal. Customer gives a permission to archive personal data which will be carefully handled by Contractor according to European laws and data protection criteria. Statistics about usage may be also collected. Collected user data may be used for marketing and advertising. The terms may be changed in future.

We are VAT registered copmany in EU with no.: SK 202 287 78 57. You can verify it on website of European Commision of Tax and Customs section right here.

The VAT amount of 20% from total price will be substracted if the customer is European Registered VAT company also. After providing us with billing details we'll check it in EU Registry and if the details are valid the VAT will be substracted. Consumers can't substract VAT.

At the moment we accept payments by bank transfer and PayPal. For reccuring services we recommend to set up ecurring automatic payments by PayPal. That way you can make sure the payment always hit us on time and will not affect running any service we provide for you.

You can cancel the services anytime you want but please be informed that prepaid periods longer than 3 months are refundable only with 1% fee.

Invoice is delivered by email only in digital form. It's fully acceptable tax document. Help us to save the planet by not wasting resources like paper.