Virtual Server

Reliable. Flexible. Cost-friendly.

Choose from paravirtualized or fully virtualized machine.

Get the latest Operating Systems like Debian 9.4 or Ubuntu 18.04.

Go big with up to 2TB of storage for your virtual server.

Connected with 1Gbit/s port to the internet.

Serve your content from SSDs with low latency.

Rescue operations can be made via system console.


Stable. Secure. 24/7 Support.

Managing variety systems gives us confidence to deliver stable and secure service.

In case of any issue there is non-stop hotline technical support which can solve disaster situations or handle simple operations for you.

All-time live monitoring allows us to predict harmful situations for your infrastructure.


Location: Europe, Slovakia
Network Capacity: 10Gbit/s, low latency

DDoS protecion
24/7 NOC

Small yet experienced team makes us work very effectively.

Founded in 2009 we deliver services for almost 10 years.

Trustworthy. If not satisfied we'll fully refund.

EU VAT registered company. To verify check us on VIES.